‘Let’s Get Lit’ Workshop

Almost 10 years ago, my Dad taught me all about studio and flash photography. I would have some of my friends over to play around in the studio and get creative with light. When I stepped in to wedding photography 8 years ago, I realized that wedding receptions weren’t quite like my studio. If I wanted to create images my clients would love, I would have to learn all I could about flash photography.

I’m happy to finally announce my 2020 lighting workshop!
The biggest things I hear from my fellow photographers are things like ‘I just don’t know how to make it look good’ or ‘I don’t even know how to use my flash on manual!’. I decided it was important to create a workshop focused on education.
I don’t want to simply teach you what I do and tell you that you should do it the same way. I want you to see the endless possibilities. If you learn how to get different looks using flash, you can decide for yourself how you want your flash work to look. No matter your experience level; beginner or expert- I want everyone to be able to get something out of this workshop.

During the workshop we will dive deep in to topics like:
-Understanding Artificial Light
-Modifiers and Equipment
-How to Shoot Manual Flash
-On/Off Camera Flash
-Camera Settings that Compliment
-Shutter Drag

After going through those topics, we will eat pizza and have some beverages followed by a Q&A for any questions. Then we will practice what we learn with a shoot! I’ll be there to demonstrate, help you as you practice the different techniques and find your own personal flash style!

This workshop will be a small group. Therefore, spots are limited!

‘Let’s Get Lit’ Workshop Ticket

Admission to the lighting workshop by Tallya D. Photography. Contact if you'd prefer to pay by cash or e-transfer.